Passion. Experience. Diligence.


Tracey-Lee Clarke 

Tracey-Lee Clarke R.E., C.P.E., C.C.E. graduated from the Canadian Electrolysis College in 1994 and has been Member of the Professional Electrologists Association of B.C. since 1995.

What sets Tracey-Lee apart from many electrologists is that she is a client turned practitioner. Tracey-Lee sought electrolysis treatment in the late 80's. The process of electrolysis intrigued her to learn more about the hair removal technique and the people who practice it.

In 1994, Tracey-Lee took advantage of a re-education grant offered through her previous employer and turned her interest in electrolysis into a full-time practice. In January 1995, Tracey-Lee took over the practice of Body Magic Electrolysis.

Very quickly, Tracey-Lee gained a reputation for her passion and love for both her clients and the electrolysis treatment. She counselled clients who had themselves endured repeated treatments without success and who had lost much self-esteem in the process. She showed clients how electrolysis was meant to work and she made it work for them. Her clients transformed before her eyes. Shy, inward people became confident and assertive. Permanent hair removal was no longer a mere dream for them.

In 2002, after the birth of her second daughter, Tracey-Lee moved her business into her home. Her business grows by word of mouth, as more people experience positive and permanent changes and share their experiences with others.

Tracey-Lee's clients have come to love and respect her as "the woman who is changing lives... one follicle at a time... with care, respect and careful attention".


Tracey-Lee is a registered member of T.A.P.E.B.C.